December 1998
*Irving Kamil   "The Beeton's Christmas Annual"
*Ted Friedman  "Hilton Soames"
*Edith Umansky   "Lomax the Librarian" 
*Diana Schatell   "A Certain Gracious Lady"
Selma Kamil  "Mrs. Hudson"
*Dorothy Belle Pollack  "The Greek Interpreter"

December 1999
Sandy Kozinn   "The Pawky Humorist"
*Walter Pond    "Sir Hans Sloane"
Dorothy Stix   "Mrs. Turner"
*David Galerstein   "Heidigger"
*Joe Moran    "The Long Cherrywood Pipe"
*Steve Tolins  "The Cataract Knife"

December 2000
*Joe Fink   "Mr. Duncan Ross"
*George Sturm  "Monsieur Bertillon"
Richard Wein   "Gelder & Co. of Stepney"

December 2001
Warren Randall "The Randall Gang"
Cynthia Wein "La Jeune Fille a l'Agneau"
Jim Suszynski  "A Palimpsest"

December 2002
*Paul Churchill "Lord Bellinger"
Henry Boote "Sir Henry's Boot"

December 2003
Ron Fish "Langdale Pike"
Al Gregory "The Grimpen Postmaster"

December 2004
Bud Livingston "An American Encyclopaedia"
Sue Vizoskie "Duchess of Devonshire"
Dick Kitts "Cox & Company"

December 2005
*Beverly Halm "The London Library"
Ben Vizoskie "Duke of Holdernesse"
*Jan Stauber "A Fascinating & Beautiful Woman"

December 2006
*Anne Friedman "Queen Anne"
Carol Fish "Countess d'Albert"
Francine Kitts "A Study in Scarlet"

December 2007
Jerry Halm "Hallamshire"
*Tom Leahy "The Wigmore Street Post Office"

November 2008
Laurie Fraser Manifold "Art in the Blood"

November 2009
Susan Rice "Busy as the Bees"

November 2010
Elyse Locurto "Lucy Ferrier"

November 2011
T. Michelle Fromkin "The Well-Known Adventuress"

November 2012
Barbara Sturm  "Sigerson"

November 2013
Robert Katz  "Dr. Joseph Bell"
Harrison Hunt  "The British Museum"
Linda Hunt  "The Commonplace Book"

November 2014
Dolores Pekar "Isadora Duncan"

November 2016
Robert McNamara  "John H. Watson, M.D."
Ira Brad Matetsky  "Fordham, the Horsham Lawyer"

*These members have passed beyond the Reichenbach.